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Hip-Hop in Chinatown 2018

Attention ALL Bgirls and BBoys! Hip-Hop in Chinatown will be presenting for the first time a 2v2 Breakdance battle!! Hip- Hop in Chinatown is hosted by The Alliance 98 and the entire event will start at 5 pm. They will also be showcasing local rappers and singers as well as live art! The purpose of this event is to expose Chinese culture to hip-hop culture and the local talents that are derived from the Chicago scene.

The battle starts at 6 pm. It is 2 vs 2, so go find that partner quickly! There will only be 8 slots available for teams so that means 16 Bboys and Bgirls will have the chance to perform in Chinatown square!

*If you would like to sign up for the battle with your partner, please message me(the host) so I can update the list with new contenders*

P.S. The flyer is for an upcoming event on August 9. That is the preliminary event to see who will perform for the Hip-Hop in Chinatown on August 24.....go thru to the preliminaries for open cyphers!!!!
The link to the event is right here>>>
August 24, 2018 (18:00) - Aug 24, 2018 (21:00)
Ruel/ Brickheadz Crew
Les-Lethal/ Crooks Crew
Chilango/ Brickheadz Crew
Winning prize: $300

South China Place 2131, Chicago, United States

Bboy Event Team