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2 Fresh Two Raw 2018

We back at it again my earthling beings. It's time we take a voyage on the intergaltic freakquency. Coming to you live and direct, we bring you 2 Fresh Two Raw.

2 Fresh Two Raw was curated by Bboy Fresh from the world famous L.A Breakers and Raw Skeleton of the world reknown Bboy crew, The Freakshow. Blending ingredients, we bring you a 2 vs 2 Bboy/Bgirl battle for cash prize. The champs will also be brought out from San Diego as winners from our first series.

We’ve also added a new concept this year. “Experiment with your Style” is a 2 vs 2 open styles battle with an experimental side. The main focus is to "CREATE" in the moment, taking your mind, body, and soul to a higher level. The concept is to explore and experiment with your movement and style and you will be judged on your ability to do so.

Tricks and Blows Presents:

"2 Fresh Two Raw"
(Denver Series)

Hosted by: DENT (Denver, CO)

Soul Rane (Denver, CO)

Lord Hex
(BrickHeadZ Chicago)

Admission $10

Location: The School Yard
14190 E Jewell Ave, Ste 7, Aurora, CO

Doors open at 3pm battles start at 4:30pm


LIHAI Clothing
Tricks and Blows
School Of Breaking
Generation Bboy
Exhibition Battle:

Chopz (The Freak Show) VS ILL-Roy (Battle Born Las Vegas, Nevada)
September 08, 2018 (15:00) - Sep 08, 2018 (21:00)
Fresh (L.A Breaker)
Waka (BrickHeadZ Chicago)
Dash (Bedtime Monstas)

K.O (Denver, CO)
Chase'em Down (Soul Control)
Miraj (The Freak Show)
2 vs 2 Bboy/Bgirl Battle
$250 Cash prize

2 vs 2 All Styles Battle
(Experiment With Your Style)
$250 Cash prize

Colorado, Aurora, United States

Bboy Event Team