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TGIF VOL 5 is back for it's fifth edition and as with previous years, aims to encourage rookies to partake in the art of battling.
Providing an interesting and engaging platform for beginners to challenge themselves, TGIF aims to become an event where newcomers can become more confident and expressive with their dance styles.
Come join us for a funky good time!
-DiCaprio Category

"Battle of the Schools" is back once again and this time we are selecting the best from different institutions to compete for the spot of best amongst the schools.
We will be going to the respective schools in the coming weeks leading up to our event day, so be sure to look out for us when we come to YOUR school and show us what you've got.
Introducing our DiCaprio category for the second time, this category serves to provide the chance for newer dancers to showcase what they've got in a battle. The rules are simple; as long as you have never won a locking battle competition* (internal club events are not counted) just like how Leonardo DiCaprio struggled with his Oscar award, you are eligible to participate in this category.
Gaining battle experience and exposing yourself to get down in a battle is what this category is all about!

*Organisers reserves the rights to have final decision on eligibility to join.
*Applicable to people who has'nt won a locking competition before. ie; if you win a popping/waacking/breaking etc battle before, you are still eligible to join.
August 25, 2018 (00:00) - Aug 25, 2018 (12:00)

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

Bboy Event Team