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Own Your Style 2018

Own Your Style” Battle

All dancers are welcome from all countries. The event is FREE!!

DJ's: Yugson ( FR ) & Slowz (VE)

After the final there is a twist. 1st Prize winner has a chance to battle his or hers own "put together" crew for a chance to take all the money. If you choose to battle your own "crew" in the end, you can battle them for their money and earn 3000 dkk extra and get a way with all 7000 dkk . You can also loose the 3 way battle and your money - what you choose is up to you.

**All styles are welcome, but you will have to represent your chosen style throughout the battle to all types of music**

Music styles played: Funk, Hip Hop, Break beats, House & Popping beats

The concept behind the battle:

1 vs 1 battle with a twist to build your own team as you go.

Own your style means you choose, despite the many, you master ;) one style to compete with all the way through to the finals, and then anything is possible.

The rules are simple, only 16 people will make it through preselection, but just because you don’t make it through preselection, does not mean you are completely out…

Top 16 will battle for a spot in the top 8, but each winner of the 8 rounds will have a choice to make. The first ad on will have to be made, and the battle continues as a 2 vs 2 Battle. Any dancer from the 8 competitors who lost in top 16, or any one dancer from pre-selections can be chosen to advance with as part of your team for top 8.

Top 8 advances and continues as a 2vs2 contest – make sure you build your crew wise and diverse.
The winners of the quarterfinals pick a third member, but this time it has to be from the the losing opponents. One more dancer is added and the crews are now 3 vs 3.

Quarterfinals 3 vs 3 – your crew is now set, no more add-ons or adjustments possible

Finals 3 vs 3 – last 2 crews can now represent all the styles they want – winner takes it all

Final twist – the winning team have a chance to battle it out, instead of splitting the cash price of 7000 dkk – 1 could take it all.

Battle Signup at:
September 15, 2018 (18:30) - Sep 15, 2018 (23:00)
Creesto (FR)
B-Girl Cleopatra ( CA)
Niako (FR)
Battle for a chance to win 7000 dkk.

1st prize winner 4000 dkk
1st choice crew dancer 2000 dkk
2nd choice crew dancer 1000 dkk

Enghavevej 82, København, Denmark