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2 The Roots - Call Out Jam Oulu 2018

Call Out Jam returns to Oulu in December 2018 – 2 The Roots. There’s gonna be killer battles, showcases, dope DJ’s and of course, beautiful cypher’s with beautiful people. Santa is not the only thing to look forward to in December!

Detailed infos are gonna come as we move closer to the event, but here’s what you need to know now:

WHAT – Epic jams, battles and showcases
WHEN – on Saturday December the 1st, from 14 to 21 PM
WHERE – Oulu, Aleksin kulma
FOR WHOM – For dancers with or without experience, and for those still looking for their jam
WHY – Because everything is better together, dancing first and foremost!

The judges, DJ’, schedule, prices and suprises are gonna be announced here, so click ”Attending” on this event and get all the infos. Follow us on Instagram too for more infos oo events happening in FIN.

See you in Oulu, bring your best jam and Call Out yourself!

Call Out Jam Oulu is organzed under Call Out Suomi and Sade ry in cooperation with Oulu Youth work, Culture House Valve and Taike.
**Allstyles 2 vs 2**
This one is easy for everyone to join; come and register at the venue. So far so easy. The qualifications are gonna happen in cyphers; during the given time you can jam with other participants. The judges are gonna be going around the cyphers -yes, there can be many- and they’re gonna choose who gets to battle. From these the pairs are gonna be randomly picked.
Do you don’t need a partner to participate, just bring your jam!
Registration at the venue.

**Breaking Clash Battle**
Moving forward from last year’s clash battle, this year it’s gonna be only breaking. You just sign up for the battle at the venue, from all the participants there are gonna be two randomly picked groups. These two are gonna battle each other, and the winner group is gonna be divided into two groups. These are gonna battle each other, and this is gonna go on as the winner/winners is clear.
Registration at the venue.

**Streetdance showcase**
Dancer or group can perform they’re piece at the event and get feedback from the judges. The feedback is gonna be sent per email after the event. This is a good opportunity to try out your wings as a choreographer.
The max length is 3 minutes.
Registration before the event
December 01, 2018 (14:00) - Dec 01, 2018 (21:00)

Aleksanterinkatu 9, Oulu, Finland

Bboy Event Team