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Bboy Summit Day 1

Representing is a key factor in Hip-Hop. Essentially Hip-Hop demands that we (re) present ourselves continually evolving, refining, and defining ourselves in the culture. In this way we are always (re)presenting ourselves throughout our journey in Hip-Hop as we mature. Theme: Hip-Hop (Re)Present

Ultimate Bonnie & Clyde BOSS (Battle of the Sexes SuperJam)
Step up to the challenge but you may get split up ! Judges will pick one Bboy and one Bgirl per battle, they are not limited to choosing one side/team (although they can pick one side). So you can enter with your partner but both of you may not advance. The advancing Bboy/Bgirl become a new team until the final battle when they must battle each other! Register: email with names
Winners get gold Bboy~Bgirl Summit nameplate chains! Final winner also gets cash!

Hip-Hop (Re) Present Panel, Bonnie n Clyde Breaking Battle, Bonnie n Clyde Freestyle Battle, Ciphers, Performances, Teen Fresh Dance Showcase, Live Graffiti, Writers Bench, Kids Art n Dance, Workshops, Funk Styles Room, 1vs1 Popping Battles, Hip-Hop Marketplace.

Main room:
11am-12pm: Free Breaking and Popping Workshop for All!
12:30-2:00: Hip-Hip (Re)Present Panel
2:30-4:00 Open Ciphers
Bonnie & Clyde 4:15-5:30
5:30-7:00 Open Ciphers

Loft room:
Funky Get Down All Day!
Bonnie & Clyde Freestyle Battle, 1vs1 Popping Battle, Funky Flavas, Bug out room!

Hip-Hop Marketplace in the Circle Bar

Live Graffiti

All FREE All LIVE All Ages!!
Battle sign up: at event, get there early! Limited signups

All talent/djs/artists/educators will be revealed soon!
Consider donating to keep the Summit free!
July 21, 2018 (11:00) - Jul 21, 2018 (19:00)

Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, United States

Bboy Event Team