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Catch The Flava Street Styles Camp 2018

Polskee Flavour & Art Of Popping Presents:

Catch The Flava Street Styles Camp 2018
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Catch The Flava is a dance Camp started in 2012. We’ve created a place for dancers from all over the world to grow, exchange and simply have fun. Every summer, in central Europe we are building a special Hip Hop resort. For all this years as a bboys we were naturally focused on Breaking. This summer as we have changed the resort for much bigger and more comfortable, we’ve decided to open our Hip Hop city for other dance styles. We believe it brings more value for the project, dancers from different styles can connect and create an unique vibe.

The idea is simply the same as with our Breaking camp. We organize comfortable environment for dancers from all over the world. We are bringing biggest dance legends - pioneers, leaders of the community and first of all great teachers who can inspire us. All of them are there for the whole camp (5 days) so you don’t just take a class with them but you actually live with them in the same place, you can meet them, talk about life, dance and have fun with them at evening parties.

This year we will focus on 2 other dance styles - POPPING AND HIP HOP

The final part of our project is a trip to the biggest dance festival in this part of Europe The Legits Blast festival which take place in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. We have been connected together from the first edition and we believe that to really enjoy your best Hip Hop Holidays you have to do both events.

The Legits Blast festival this year for the first time also opens for other dance styles adding Popping and Hip Hop contests to the line up. This way together we can create a new platform for more dancers to be a part of this unforgetable summer experience.

Workouts & Streching:
*Hatsolo (Finland)

Dj’s/artists at parties:

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Recap from last edition:

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22-27 July 2018 - Catch The Flava Street Styles Camp
27-29 July 2018 - The Legits Blast Festival
July 22, 2018 (12:00) - Jul 27, 2018 (12:00)

*Popin Pete (USA)
*Boogie Frantick (USA)
*Storm (Europe)

Hip Hop:
*C-mack (USA West Coast)
*Loose Joint (USA East Coast)
*Kyoka (Asia)
*Majid (Europe)
Prices: Workshops + Activities - 339€ Includes 30 hours of workshops with all the Catch The Flava teachers, discussion panels, jams & parties during Catch The Flava camp. Food + Accommodation - 110€ Includes accommodation at the CTF resort from Sunday 22nd July to Friday 27th July and food during these days (3 meals a day)

Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Kraków, Poland

Bboy Event Team